Be Still

be still
Be Still
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Be still, no matter what goes on in your life; be still! Where are we going? Why do we race when elements will still be in place? Storms always come and wreak¬†havoc, even then we seem prepared. Storms leave and bring the sunshine’s glare.

Be still, no matter what goes on in your brain; be still. Thoughts of confusion and unease, when all we need is the sound of silence. Let the thoughts flow and find their place, they will each find their own little cave.

Be still, no matter what goes on in your heart; be still. Emotions feel real and sometimes we give them the upper hand. At the end of the day, they are just feelings that we choose to stand on. They mean nothing to the outside world, sometimes it is a mask of something else.

And people will love your demeanor. When you are still, people wonder about you. Where does your happiness come from? How can happiness reign in your soul, when storms continue to plague you? It is your acceptance and your grace.

Your grace is your aura, not everyone’s transcends with such beauty and leaves an effortless trail. It is undeniably learned through gratitude, not just by spoken words but by random acts. ¬†So be still my friends, be still and your answers will come to light, just as the dark full night, be still.