The Devil’s Gaze

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Gaze Into the Devil’s Eyes in ‘Paradise Lost’
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I want to dedicate this to all the young lost souls out there who are trying to find meaning in a difficult materialistic world.

The Devil’s Gaze

The Devil’s gaze is so strong for you never see it coming, only through numerous attempts of failure can you really be adept to the Devil’s gaze. This is my plea to you, oh my dear boy, the Devil has you in his gaze. Like looking through the sniper’s focal point in his rifle, the Devil has a tight gaze on you. You cannot possibly know it is the Devil, for he comes to you as everything you wished for. Tangible materials things that have no meaning and yet, cost more than you can afford. Things that classify you, things that turn you into a statistic and things that turn you into somebody you are not.

The Devil has you in his gaze; he sees what an easy target you are. He sees the things that temporarily mask your truest self. He comes to you as everything you ever wished for. He makes the pain go away, because he has you in his gaze. So much pain to hide from, too much pain for one person to bear and yet, they the pain is always there.

Oh lord, dear boy, the Devil has you in his gaze. I wish that you could see, what I could see the pain, the deceit and the treachery. Life’s too short to live this way, today you are here and tomorrow will be another day. The pain never really goes away, as long as you are in the Devil’s gaze. He grabs you and he holds you tight, clearly with all his might, he lies to you and gives you what you think is right.

The Devil my dear boy has you in his gaze. I wish he would let go, I wish that you could know, that the only way is to break free from the Devil’s gaze.  We all make mistakes and we are all not perfect, we are repeat offenders until one day; we break free from the Devil’s gaze. Stay way from such lies, make a list if you have to. It’s easy to fall into his trap and it’s a hard lifestyle to keep up with. Break free my son; break free from the Devil’s gaze.

There are so many like you in the Devil’s gaze, he does not discriminate in any way. He focuses on every characteristic that identifies a person and turns them into this perverse ritual. He accepts all genders, all ages, all races, ethnicity, all religions and cultural beliefs, for it does not matter where you are in life the Devil will always seek to have you in his gaze.

When the mature fall victim to his trap, it is sometimes irreparable but when a child falls in his gaze it is mostly unforgivable. The Devil preys on the weak and the curious. We are all God’s children and when the Devil has us in his gaze, he looks to challenge the one and only that can save.

You are not alone, for everyone has been in the Devil’s gaze; some of us still are. The only thing I ask is to be open and be aware for the Devil’s gaze will only bring despair.