Societal Statuses: Being Single

By Christa Image Source:
By Christ
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Societal Statuses: Being Single

Societal statuses have great meaning for some people. Some people allow names and labels to dictate their meaning in life. As if the way of the world revolves around these titles. In some way these titles and labels help categorize your self-image as to where you are in the world but ideally we are not products with bar codes. And yet, in we have social security numbers.

In many professional environments titles and labels are exemplary forms of placement in the hierarchy latter, it has become a systematic normal practice. But in a social environment does it really matter.

In an urban society life differs from that of suburbia, just like in low-income and financially stable communities. Everything around us is not as small as the world we see and perceive. We must learn to engage with all walks of life to grow from our idealistic smallness. We are a forever evolving and emerging class, for we are still the smartest species on the planet.

So what about social status, let’s take being single for instance:

By Ellen Ericson Image Source:
By Ellen Ericson
Image Source:

Being Single

Society has led us to believe that being single at a certain age means something negative. Why, because traditionally and religiously we are born to grow, mate and reproduce. We grow up with our families and we leave the nest to find our very own families. Ideally, yes this is all great and very true. Today, tradition is changing for people because sometimes some people have to re-create their very own traditions. So, who is to say that being single at the age of (above 35) is a negative thing? Heck, if we look back to our family’s histories’ we will find that most of the familial practices were everything short of tradition. Is it a negative reality if you are (above 40) and single? No, it is not. Truth is that there are no right(s) and wrong(s) things just are. It only matters where you are in life and where you wish to be. Everyone has an ideal image of what they want to see themselves in and if that image is not fulfilled (we) as people work hard to get there. There is no rush to get hitched, but if taking a risk is your fear then this requires a different conversation. All I am suggesting is that we should live our lives to the fullest as much as we can without letting these labels and titles hinder our process.

Questions we should ask ourselves to make sure that these labels are not hindering our choices in life:

  • Am (I) exactly where (I) want to be?
  • Why am (I) here?
  • What got (me) here?

If (I) am not where (I) need to be then ask yourselves these questions:

  •  Why am (I) not exactly where I want to be?
  •  Where do (I) want to be?
  •  What am (I) doing to change where I am, currently?

(Who) is omitted from the questions (we) or (I) need to ask ourselves because (we) or (I) is the (who). (We) or (I) take full responsibility of being exactly where (I) am.

Once you realize that you are where you are because (1) you choose to be (2) because you are not proactively doing something to change where you are (3) because you have some things to take care of (goals) and etc. Once you have an understanding of the why, you will no longer see yourself as being single as a problem.

The truth is that in order for you to change that label that so hurdles your existence you must have a plan and set a goal for yourself to change it. Otherwise, you will continue to settle with the idea of your current situation without understanding. The idea is to comprehend the why and then realize that why and gain a new perspective. Life becomes so much easier with labels when (we) understand the why.


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