Change Me, Change You, Change the World

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Change Me, Change You,

Change the World

It’s 5am, ‘zombied-out’, can’t sleep, get up.
Coffee going, pop a pill, take a shot, the brain engine starts.

Sit on my desk, look outside, everyone is walking, running or driving, dehumanizing humanity. Do we like where we are going, are we happy? What makes us happy?


Are we robots? We look so still, some of us look lifeless, others look neutral, some of us don’t smile anymore. We walk like no one is watching. People are watching, I am watching.

Dog walking, the recycle trucks, garbage pick-ups, we spit, we cough, we spread germs, dog shit everywhere, some of us just don’t care.


Bus stops, pay fare, find a seat and ride. We don’t talk, we read, we listen to the noise, sometimes music, sometimes just noise…

What happened to the silence? It is too silent, I don’t care for quiet moments. My head troubles me, thoughts flowing and life is still going. We live in a box, at least it looks that way, everyday! We feel but is that real?

Only Today

Where do we go? Are we thinking of yesterday. Maybe, we are thinking about tomorrow. One thing is for sure, it is almost never about today.

The Path

Am I a pawn in someone else’s journey? Am I a soldier walking the line? Do I take the longer path or the shorter path. Am I the master of my falls? What about my success? Is my influence my creator, mentor, or teacher? Am I being the same to someone else. What else is out there?

Inequality about Currency

Bills have to get paid, money is real, but how much of it is important? Should I respect it, or discredit it as a simple mass of nothingness, it is paper with value! It means something. It is prejudice and there’s an inequality about it, some of us have a lot of it and others, well not enough!

Family Love and Hurt

Families are blood, and yet, we hurt the ones we love! We hurt for them, too. They keep us company, drive us insane and teach us sometimes about the right or wrong lanes. A pattern repeating history, whose story, everyone’s? It’s all the same, I think. Everyone has dysfunction at some point in their life.

Change Your Heart Change What You See

Destination arrival, how was the journey, routinely robotic. No change, what change, not outside but inside. Inside where, inside your heart, inside your eyes, that is where everything looks different, what do you mean? Change your heart, change what you see and eventually you will, change the world.