Judgment Day, Every Day!

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Judgment Day, Every Day

Judgment day is every day! Every day we are being judged by someone, perhaps everyone. From the moment you wake up to the moment we go to sleep, not a moment goes by that someone somewhere has even a fleeting thought about us. Our kids and our spouses think of us. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. When standing on the bus stop, people will glance at us. What goes through their minds? What fleeting thoughts are they thinking? It could be a good thought or it could be a not so good thought but one thing is for sure is that every day is judgment for us.

When we walk into our daily rituals, our mundane lifestyle as we seek meaning; someone out there is judging us.

We live behind a looking glass, and everyone stares behind that glass. A thought comes to mind as the glance penetrates our path.

This judgment is a survival mechanism, a mere distraction from what we must tend to. We have to be prudent and mindful of our stares and our glances. For as we are being judged, we too judge others.

We have our traditions, our morals and our ethical beliefs that shape how we think. We are not right and we are by far perfect. For what may be right for us, may not be right for others. We can’t all possibly agree but we can have compassion, we can try to empathize and we can certainly try to understand without highlighting others faults. If we don’t, our faults shine and we become worse than the ones behind the looking glass.

And as we wait for the ultimate judgment day from the supreme being, just remember that judgment day is every day.

Years ago, when Shakesphere was around, he said, “all the world is a stage and we are merely all the players.”

When he said that, he was referring to the theory of putting our best foot forward as long as people looking.

As long as people are looking, as long as people are listening and judging we will always tell our best stories, we never want to share defeat because for some, being defeated is a sign of weakness. But they are wrong because being defeated is a process of education. When we are defeated we are being prepared through the steps and the process of doing things right… Not the right way for whose looking but the right way for us, individually. Just remember as you say, hello to your fellow neighbor, your boss or the bus driver, judgment day is every day for us. Be nice, put on a show and smile because people are always watching, people are always looking and waiting, waiting to see you fall.