The Imprisonment Bubble

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Alter Reality
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Do you know anything about living in a bubble? I do not speak of the bubble that belongs to you, where  people love to say the “world is my oyster” no, not that bubble.  I speak of the imprisonment bubble, the bubble that you created years ago by your transgressions and no matter how hard you try to get out of it, there are still some things that you need to resolve.

Sometimes I wonder, how did I get here? But I can literally answer my very own question. I could sit here and blame many things like party, booze, and friends. I could also blame my two ex-husbands, we never married but as a Latina, if you bear a child with any man and you live with him for some time. In the future, when you speak of him, he becomes your ex-husband, just to avoid all the middle bullshit explanation. The truth is no matter what external forces we expose ourselves to, no matter what type of people we have crossed paths with, and no matter what harm anyone has done to us; today we only have ourselves to blame. The imprisonment bubble will keep you in the past and unless you plan on time traveling to your past, you need to focus on today and your side of the street.

Truthfully, my imprisonment bubble is very minor. I pray for only wisdom, for with wisdom, I can acquire many things. I use to pray for patience but my lord would place me in many situations where my patience would run slim, so I no longer care for patience. For I behave patiently through faith and wisdom. I live an extremely patient and faithful life, my higher power is God and he helps me get through the most difficult emotions that I stumble upon.

The greatest phrase I have ever learned was this too shall pass, without it life could be cursing and miserable. Talking to real people is wonderful, if you ever have a heart to heart with someone, you will find out that they too, have their imprisonment bubble to bear. Everyone’s got something to worry about and be faithfully patient about.

No matter what the situation is, I make time pass gracefully as I approach the end of my imprisonment bubble. My life-long goal that will take me through this journey is acquiring space, peace and freedomSpace allows my brain not to feel confined to my own ruin, peace allows me to think clearly about life, family and friends and freedom, ah yes, freedom from the bondage of the things that hold me down.

We all have a bubble that imprisons us; some of us choose not to speak of it. I have just merely scratched the surface without too much detail. We are not perfect human beings, we all make mistakes. I know I am only preaching to the choir, but what are we doing to move forward gracefully. Are we reading, dancing, writing, talking and living, or are we kicking and screaming and becoming pure prisoners of our imprisonment bubble?

So as you close this friendly piece of literature I leave you with, ask yourselves what am I doing to break free from my imprisonment bubble? Do you believe you can alter your reality?

Albert Einstein once said that “reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”